Energy 101 for Students

Energy 101 is a digital academic resource that uses an interactive web app to explore core energy topics. In total, 32 chapters in 8 sections cover energy from the basics, its uses, and its impact on society.

Why Energy 101?

Energy 101 teaches you the way you learn. You already learn through assimilating information from online search, streaming videos and experiencing interactive content in real-time. Energy 101 has curated this experience in the domain of energy and presents content through integrated video, graphics, animation, and text.

Energy 101 has flexible and intuitive navigation. Whether you are enrolled in a 100-level engineering course or a 200-level policy course, Energy 101 will get you to the most relevant content quickly through its web-based navigation – without having to consult an index in a 600-page text.

Energy 101 is broad enough to support learning across multiple disciplines. With 32 chapters of content spread across 8 core sections covering the history of energy, its uses, and its impact on society, there is something of value to all students of energy, technology or policy.

Energy 101 is mobile and responsive like your life. Because Energy 101 is delivered through a web application, it is available on any browser-enabled device and can therefore be accessed on-demand from anywhere in your world. If you have your smartphone, you have Energy 101.

How do I access/use it?

Use this page to purchase access to the web app–accessible through a browser on your mobile device, desktop, or laptop computer–to gain immediate access to all the interactive content. Choose the subscription period right for you and log in today.

Energy 101 is best viewed from a desktop computer with internet access to utilize all interactive components of the resource. Logins to the web app are not shareable or transferrable.

Level Price  
Semester License $75.00 now. Customers in TX will be charged 8.25% tax.
Membership expires after 6 Months.
Two-year License $95.00 now. Customers in TX will be charged 8.25% tax.
Membership expires after 2 Years.