Energy 101 MOOC title slide

The groundbreaking massive open online course (MOOC) Energy 101 originally ran from September to November 2013 on the edX platform. More than 44,000 students registered for the 10 week course, and over 4,700 earned certificates. The creative team behind the course leaned heavily on production value and interactive learning modules composed of video, text, maps, games, quizzes, animations, graphics, facts, and tables to maximize the educational value of the course.

As one of the four original MOOCs produced and offered by the University of Texas at Austin, Energy 101 paved the way for UT Austin in both the online and open learning space. Since closing the course, the Energy 101 team strives to continue to explore sustainability and scalability through their creation of the course app and the executive education model of this course.

MOOCs get their fare share of attention in the press, and every stakeholder from students to faculty to administration has his or her own opinion. Below is a short list of some of the attention Energy 101 received.

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