Energy 101 for Schools

Energy 101 is a digital academic resource that uses an interactive web app to explore core energy topics. In total, 32 chapters in 8 sections cover energy from the basics, its uses, and its impact on society. Energy 101 integrates facts, tables, video, interactive graphics, and animation, all in a responsive, easy-to-read site.

Adopted by leading academic institutions, Energy 101 is an affordable, practical and comprehensive survey of energy topics that are relevant to many fields of study and areas of industry.

Perfect for required reading or supplementary materials to support your students, this digital resource covers the history, resources, technology, and crosscutting social, political, and economic factors associated with global energy trends.

How do I access/use it?

Assigning Energy 101 as required reading in your course earns complimentary instructor access for the length of your course. Please connect with us to share your syllabus and retrieve your free credentials. Energy 101 is best viewed from a desktop computer with internet access to utilize all interactive components of the resource.

How much is it?

A single complimentary access code will be provided for instructors assigning Energy 101 as required reading for any size class. Your account will remain valid for the length of your course. Special discounts are available for high volume orders if your institution sponsors student access.

How can I review the entire text before assigning it in my class?

Contact the sales team with the contact form on this page or drop us an email to request temporary reviewer access as you plan your upcoming semester. The abridged demo is available immediately by registering.