Energy 101 for Professionals

Energy 101 is an interactive, digital continuing education resource that uses an interactive web app to explore core energy topics. In total, 32 chapters in 8 sections cover energy from the basics, its uses, and its impact on society.

Why Energy 101?

Energy 101 is the emerging standard energy reference. Energy 101 is trusted by professors of engineering, energy, and policy at leading institutions like Colorado State University, Duke University, Stanford University, The University of Maryland, and The University of Texas at Austin. It was created by Dr. Michael Webber, Chief Technology Officer at Engie and Deputy Director of the Energy Institute at The University of Texas at Austin where he is also a Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Energy 101 is perfect for professionals serving the energy industry. Professionals enter conversations more confidently and they are able to provide better service when they know the language of the industry. Energy 101 provides functional fluency in the language of energy enabling professionals serving the energy industry to be more effective.

Energy 101 presents topics like energy transition and climate science in a balanced way. The political conversation about climate change can quickly get away from the facts. Energy 101 provides excellent context for diffusing the current debate by providing the historical context for topics like energy transition, which predates fossil fuels.

Energy 101 provides professionals with a curated inventory of external references. Each section of Energy 101 provides professionals with the latest university research as well as the most current and most often cited external references on energy projections, fuel mix, consumption, and other data that is often useful in preparing professional reports.

How do I access/use it?

For individuals, use this page to purchase access to the web app–accessible through a browser on your mobile device, desktop, or laptop computer–to gain immediate access to all the interactive content. Energy 101 is best viewed from a desktop computer with internet access to utilize all interactive components of the resource. Logins to the web app are not shareable or transferrable.

Energy 101 has also been deployed securely within clients’ learning management systems and intranets. Contact us today to learn more about custom deployment solutions for corporate or government clients. Let us know your business needs and the scale of your organization and we will provide options for deployment.

How much is it?

The list price of $225 per user for a one year license.

Enterprise pricing is available for whole departments, business units, or companies interested in deploying Energy 101 to all their employees. Custom integration services can be negotiated separately.