Energy 101 for Professional Development

Energy 101 is an interactive, digital continuing education resource that covers 32 modules of interdisciplinary energy knowledge with a focus on technology and policy created by Dr. Michael Webber, deputy director of the Energy Institute, co-director of the Clean Energy Incubator at the Austin Technology Incubator, and professor of mechanical engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.

Energy 101 creates energy experts who can see beyond the noise of modern energy discussions to design effective new technology and policies, or to interact more confidently with energy topics in their existing roles.

Energy 101 is a cost-effective and comprehensive survey of energy topics that are relevant across many industries and sectors.

By the end of Energy 101, learners will know the scientific and engineering principles of energy, the basics of energy policy and economics, plus have functional fluency in the language of energy.

How do I access/use it?

Contact our team to learn more about custom deployment solutions for corporate or government clients. Energy 101 has been deployed individually and also securely within clients’ learning management systems and intranets. Contact us today to learn more about custom deployment opportunities.

Organizations can also take advantage of group sales for their employees or members. Let us know your numbers and we will price a solution for your unique situation.

How much is it?

Starting from the list price of $105 for an extended license, group discounts are available for bulk orders.

Custom deployment services and bespoke development work can be negotiated separately, but discounts are available for larger orders.