Energy 101 for Instructors

Energy 101 is a digital academic resource that uses an interactive web app to explore core energy topics. In total, 32 chapters in 8 sections cover energy from the basics, its uses, and its impact on society.

Why Energy 101?

Energy 101 is the emerging standard energy reference in higher education. Energy 101 has already been adopted by professors of engineering, energy, and policy at leading institutions like Colorado State University, Duke University, Stanford University, The University of Maryland, and The University of Texas at Austin.
Energy 101 teaches the way your students learn. Your students already learn through assimilating information from online search, streaming videos and experiencing interactive content in real-time. Energy 101 has curated this experience in the domain of energy and presents content through integrated video, graphics, animation, and text.
Energy 101 is perfect for required reading or supplemental materials. Whether you plan to assign it as required reading in its entirety or as specific sections for supplemental material, Energy 101 will get your students to the most relevant content quickly through its flexible and intuitive web navigation.
Energy 101 is broad enough to support learning across multiple disciplines. With 32 chapters of content spread across 8 core sections covering the history of energy, its uses, and its impact on society, there is something of value to all students of energy, technology or policy.
Assigning Energy 101 earns you complimentary instructor access. This allows you to see which students have completed which sections of content and all sorts of other whiz-bang benefits.

How do I use/access it?

Try before you buy. Contact the sales team with the contact form on this page or drop us an email to request temporary reviewer access as you plan your upcoming semester. The abridged demo is available immediately by registering.

Get started now. Assigning Energy 101 as required reading in your course earns complimentary instructor access for the length of your course. Please connect with us to share your syllabus and retrieve your free credentials.

Energy 101 is best viewed from a desktop computer with internet access to utilize all interactive components of the resource. Logins to the web app are not shareable or transferrable.

How much is it?

A single complimentary access code will be provided for instructors assigning Energy 101 as required reading for any size class. Your account will remain valid for the length of your course. Special discounts are available for high volume orders if your institution sponsors student access.